Protecting our shared environment is of fundamental importance to High Country, as it is to our employees, clients, and stakeholders.
To support this common goal, we will:

Comply with applicable local, state and federal environmental regulations.

Continually improve the environmental performance of our products and processes.

Protect the health and safety of our employees and surrounding communities and ecosystems.

Use natural resources including raw materials, energy and water as efficiently as possible.

We will work to achieve these commitments by:

Requiring environmental awareness training for all our employees and more specific environmental training where appropriate.

Evaluating products and processes from the point of view of chemical risk and dedicating ourselves to finding better alternatives based on preventing pollution.

Considering the risks of our raw materials and products at all stages of our product’s life, placing priority on risks present during our production process and during our customers’ use of our products.

Working collaboratively with our clients, suppliers and the surrounding community on environmental issues.

We will make every effort to ensure that environmental performance is an integral part of High Country’s performance and of the performance of all of our employees. To this end, we will measure and periodically report on our progress in realizing these commitments.